Bad Habits Of People Trying To Avoid Insect Pests In Their Home

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Humans are creatures of habit. That is not necessarily a bad thing, except in certain circumstances. One such circumstance is preventing insect pest infestation. There are a lot of habits that turn into bad habits when they begin to draw insect pests into the home. Here are some of those "bad" habits, how they draw insect pests, and how to turn things around.

Eating in Any Other Room of the House

Blame it on the invention of TV, but since the '50's and '60's, people have been sitting in front of the TV enjoying dinner and snacks. People now eat a lot of meals and snacks in front of the TV. While that would not be so bad if the living room was the only room in every house that had a TV, it is much worse now that people have put TVs in bedrooms, dens, and even bathrooms. While you are not likely to watch TV and eat in your bathroom, you are likely to do so in all the rest of the rooms in the house where you have a TV. That means that food, drink, containers, plates, boxes, etc., in other rooms of the house act as invitations for pests to visit for food. 

Leaving Chores Undone

If history teaches people anything, it is that bugs love filth. Cockroaches and ants especially love filth. Predators of these insects love filth because that is where they will find their bug meals crawling about. Not putting garbage out, not washing clothes, floors, and dishes, and leaving pet waste or vomit to collect invites bug pests. You cannot put chores off if you do not want bugs.

Leaving a Home Uninhabited 

Bugs infest places where people live. However, the bugs are bolder and braver to come out of hiding when no humans are about. Just enter an old, abandoned property and watch the bugs scatter the minute you step inside. That said, if you are going to be gone longer than a week from your home, have someone check into the house often to scare bugs and other pests off.

Leaving a Home in Disrepair

Bugs love dilapidation. A home that is falling apart from water damage, leaking pipes, holes in the walls, rotting floorboards, etc., are the types of environments that bug pests love. There is enough rot, enough food, and enough moisture and dirt for them to lay their eggs and scuttle about in. Fix your home, keep it in good shape, and spray for bug pests often. 

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