Why Bed Bugs Are Increasingly More Resistant To Pesticides

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The primary reason for why bed bugs have returned and become such a problem is the issue of chemical-resistant bed bugs. These insects have become resistant to the insecticides that have been used to kill bed bugs in the past. Bed bugs become resistant to neonicotinoids  thanks to detoxifying enzymes that their bodies produce. However, this doesn't mean that it is impossible to eliminate them.

Pesticides May Still Work

The good news is that a particular group of bed bugs will not likely be resistant to all of the same pesticides. For example, a bed bug treatment might not work on a group of bed bugs in Alabama, but that same treatment might work on some bed bugs found in New Jersey. Multiple treatments can be tried until one is found that works.

Another problem with pesticides is that for resistant bed bugs, the treatment may flush the bed bug out of the location and into a new one. This would then make it more challenging to locate them again and eliminate them, especially when treating a hotel or apartment complex.

There are also some pesticides that are still useful if the quantity of the pesticide applied is increased. However, doing so will also increase the risk that the pesticide will create health problems for humans and wildlife that are exposed to the pesticide. Another issue with the pesticides used against bed bugs is that they might be harmful to otherwise beneficial bugs such as honeybees. Fortunately, new pesticides are regularly being developed that are not as hazardous to beneficial pests.

There Are Other Ways To Kill Bed Bugs

The good news is that there are some approaches to bed bug treatment that bed bugs will never develop a resistance to. For example, bed bugs can be effectively killed with heat and freeze treatments. Objects that are suspected of containing bed bugs can be placed in a freezer or the dryer. Hot water extractors can steam the carpets to kill bed bugs and their eggs. It is impossible to develop a resistance to these tools.

Given how difficult it is becoming to eliminate bed bugs, it is now more essential than ever to hire a bed bug exterminator who can try multiple treatment methods until the bed bugs are entirely eliminated. Eliminating bed bugs yourself is difficult because you may not even know that you haven't killed all of them, given the ease at which they hide

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