What To Do If Bed Bugs Are Found In Your Small Motel

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As the owner or manager of a small motel, a report of bed bugs in one of the rooms can send a chill down your spine. While your particular motel might have its own guidelines in place for notifying guests or handling the problem, you might be able to use the following suggestions about what steps you mustn't forget when a guest claims that there are bed bugs in the motel.

Verify That There May Be Bedbugs

After assigning the reporting guest to another room, you've got to get to the motel room right away to do some investigation of your own. There is, after all, a small chance that the guest was mistaken about what they saw.

When you arrive in the room, head to the mattress first. A lot of the time, the bugs are not seen; they do, however, leave their feces, which looks like black specks on mattresses and other surfaces. When you look at the bed, those specks are likely to be gathered around the edges and corners of the bed. You might want to lift up the mattress itself and see whether there are any specks on the box spring as well.

Even though the bugs are called bed bugs, they might also be hiding out on baseboards and other places; give the room a thorough check.

Seek Out Undercover Exterminators

While there are a number of pest control companies in the area that can get rid of the bugs, because you have a small motel, it is in your best interest to not draw too much attention and upset the guests by having a huge pest control drive up to the motel. There are some pest control companies who will send a driver out to your motel in a plain car and use duffel bags and suitcases to bring in their equipment. This kind of "undercover exterminator" appearance can allow the technician to perform the bed bug treatment without a lot of fanfare.

Check Out Online Review Websites

After the problem has been handled with an appropriate bed bug treatment, it's time to look at online review websites of your motel to do some damage control. The guest who found the bed bugs might have posted an unflattering post about your motel and be advising others to avoid your place. If you see posts like that, be sure to remain calm and reply that the problem was isolated and that it has been remedied. You may also want to mention ongoing efforts that will ensure that bed bugs won't be a problem in the future.

With the ideas above, you can smoothly deal with bed bugs in your small motel. Ask the pest control company, such as Arab Termite and Pest Control, about what you can do going forward to avoid a repeat of the problem.