Think You Know Bed Bugs? 6 Scary And Popular Myths About Bed Bugs

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Everyone is terrified of bed bugs, and for good reason. Since the year 2,000, the already substantial plague of bed bugs has increased by 81 percent. If you want to avoid getting them, you have to understand them. Unfortunately, several rumors regarding bed bugs are prevalent and taken as fact by many people. Following are six scary and popular myths about bed bugs. 

You Can't See Them

You can see bed bugs with your naked eye. Adults are approximately the size of an apple seed. Juveniles, nymphs and eggs are smaller, but they are all visible. You don't need a microscope to inspect your home regularly for bed bugs. And you should inspect it regularly, especially if you live in an area with a high infestation rate. 

Bed Bugs Transmit Diseases

There are no reported cases of anyone catching a disease from bed bugs. While the bugs do carry certain types of bacteria, the bacteria does not multiply inside the bug or transmit to humans. However, bed bugs can cause secondary illnesses, such as anxiety and insomnia. 

They Prefer Grime

Bed bugs can live anywhere, regardless of how clean or affluent it is. The only reason why they appear concentrated in urban and low-income areas is that people living in these areas often lack the financial means to eliminate the bugs. Bed bugs are also more easily spread in areas where people live close together. 

Bed Bugs Travel on You

Bed bugs only like to be on humans when they're feeding. They do not hang out with them, sticking to their hair or skin for the simple reason that they don't like body heat. While they may hide in clothing or a bag, they do not stay on you like lice. 

They Only Come Out at Night

Bed bugs come out anytime they are hungry. So you will see them during the day. Although they prefer darkness, they will come out in a brightly lit room as well. 

They Only Live on Mattresses

Bed bugs do live on mattresses, but they also live on furniture, in drawers, along baseboards, in carpet, etc. They will live just about anywhere. 

As you can see, there are several myths circulating around about bed bugs. If you want to prevent or handle bed bug removal, you must first understand them. Become informed about bed bugs by learning the truth about them. Do not accept urban legends and popular myths as truth.