Moving Into A Home Was Was Abandoned? What To Know

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If you are getting ready to move into a home that you purchased and the home hasn't been lived in for some time, there are a few things you want to have completed before your big moving day. You want to make sure the property is safe, that it is free of pests, and that the air quality is high before you are living at the property full time. Here are a few of the experts you want to call to help you get the house ready for your arrival.


There are many reasons why you want to have a locksmith come to the property, especially after it's been vacant for some time. You need to have all the locks on the entrance doors replaced, and you want to do a security check. The locksmith can see where the house is vulnerable for an intruder to get in, and you can have them add deadbolt locks to all the doors. The locksmith may have other recommendations as well.

Pest Control

Pests can sometimes target vacant houses because it's easy for them to inhabit the property without being seen. They can nest and infest quickly, and often this happens inside the walls of the property where it's difficult for you to see when you do a walk through. Have a pest control company like Select Pest Control come throughout the home and treat the property for both insects and rodents.

Ventilation Cleaning

The ducts that carry air for the air conditioner and the furnace get dirty without regular use, and they may be filled with dust, dirt, mold and mildew now that the house has been sitting. An HVAC service provider can clean all of the particles out of vents so you have clean air circulating throughout the house when you turn on the furnace or air conditioning unit. Thy can also spray a cleaning agent throughout the system.

If you are moving into a house that was vacant or abandoned and you know it has been a while since the house was cared for properly, these are some of the services that you want to have completed. There are a lot of things that will affect how dirty or clean the house is when you move in or how safe the property is, but these are all factors that you need to take into consideration before you take all of your belongings inside.