Effectively Keeping House Flies Out Of Your Home

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If you noticed house flies getting into your home often, you will want to take the necessary steps in remove them and keep them out. Flies are known to be carriers of bacteria and spread germs quite easily due to their erratic movements. Try some of the following tips to eliminate house flies from the home and have them stay outdoors where they are less of a nuisance.

Do A Thorough Cleaning Of The Interior Of Your Home

Flies tend to stick around areas where debris is abundant. If you have not taken the time to do a deep cleaning of the interior of your home, doing so will help minimize the attractiveness to house flies. Start by eliminating any leftover scents of food in the kitchen that will be enticing to flies. Garbage bags should be taken out to trash cans frequently to help keep odor out of the home. Vacuum regularly to remove crumbs and dirt from floors as well. Once you deep clean your home using a detergent to remove grime, do spot checks regularly. This will keep flies, in addition to other household pests, from trying to get inside to investigate strong smells.

Use Light To Attract Flies Away From The Inside

To remove flies, try using the power of sunlight to your advantage. Darken a room where flies have been present by putting down shades or closing blinds, drapes, or curtains. Do this on a day where there is abundant sunshine outdoors. Crack a window or open a door so that a sliver of light peeks through. Flies are attracted to bright areas, making them likely to be drawn to the opening to the outdoors. Do this several days in a row to reduce the number of pests within your home dramatically.

Spread Pleasing Fragrance In Your Home To Keep Flies Out

Flies do not care for the smell of eucalyptus or peppermint. Each of these scents can be found in the form of an essential oil. Sprinkle a few drops of an oil onto cotton balls and scatter them in rooms where flies have been present. If you do this in conjunction with keeping a door or window cracked, it may quicken the process as you try to get flies out of the room. You can also try making a deterrent spray from one of these oils to rid the home of flies. Eucalyptus can also be purchased in a dry leaf form. Place a few leaves inside a mesh bag and hang it from an area near your garbage can or where food is prepared to help make flies want to leave the area.

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