3 Simple Steps To Help You Get Rid Of Fleas Inside Your Home

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If you have an indoor dog that has fleas, there's a good chance you have fleas living in your home. Fleas are extremely small and can leave you with itchy bites, and fleas can also make your dog very uncomfortable. If you want to get rid of the fleas you have in your house without using harsh insecticides, you may want to take these steps to help you naturally rid your home of fleas.


The first thing you should understand about fleas is that they can hide; however, they tend to like living in warm, cozy places such as your carpet or furniture. One of the best ways to get rid of a flea problem is to vacuum often. Vacuuming your carpet every day is a necessity, but you should also vacuum your furniture too. After doing this, empty your vacuum bag or canister if possible, and place the contents in an outdoor sealed garbage can. Vacuuming a lot will help you remove the fleas and the eggs they leave behind.

Sprinkle salt on your carpet

The next thing you could try is sprinkling very fine salt over your carpet. Salt will actually help kill the fleas by drying them out through dehydration. You will need to leave the salt on the carpet for up to 48 hours for this to work, and you should then vacuum the carpet again. You can repeat this process again if needed.

Make flea traps

You can also eliminate fleas in your home by making flea traps. These are easy to make and are highly effective. To make a flea trap, place as much warm water as you can on a plate. Next, add a few drops of dish washing liquid soap. Set this plate in the middle of the floor in any room that has fleas and place a lit tea light candle in the center of it. Make a trap like this for each room in your home.

During the night, the fleas will be attracted to the flame of the candle. This will cause them to jump and land in the water. The soap will prevent them from getting out of the water, and this will cause the fleas to die.

To get rid of fleas completely, you will also need to make sure your dog is protected from fleas, and you can talk to your vet about ways to do this. If you try these steps and are still having problems with fleas, you could call a pest control company for professional help. To learn more, contact a business like Frontier Exterminating Company.