Preventing Mice Infestations In Your Home: Three Actions To Take

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Mice can enter your home through the tiniest of openings, and once they have nested in your home, they can sometimes be difficult to get rid of. A pest control company like Garrie Pest Control can help you to exterminate a mouse problem, but there are a few things you can do to prevent these tiny rodents from making your house their home. Here are a few actions you can take on your own to keep mice at bay.

Start With The Outside

Your yard can be a tempting place for mice, and having these rodents overtake your yard can be the first step to having a mouse problem in your house. Be sure to keep the yard free from debris, such as piles of leaves, so mice don't have a place to nest on chilly summer nights. Since mice and other rodents are capable of chewing through many different types of materials, opt for metal trash cans with lids for your outside trash. This can prevent mice from finding a steady food source on your property. Keep outdoor toys, tools and other items stored in a sealed outdoor storage bench to keep clutter to a minimum, and consider placing your patio furniture cushions in one of these containers as well.

Close Off Entry Points

Inspect the exterior of your home to see where mice might be able to enter. Cracks in your foundation, holes in your exterior walls and gaps between your doors and door frames can all provide paths for mice to squeeze into your home. Plugging these holes with copper wool can make it difficult for mice to chew through and enter your home. You can also reinforce any basement windows with aluminum mesh to prevent the mice from entering into the basement. If you have significant cracks in your foundation, you may want to hire a contractor to perform proper repairs, as this can keep mice out and prevent damage to your home from settling or flooding.

Eliminate Nesting Areas

By keeping your basement area neat and tidy, you can make it more difficult for mice to find a cozy nesting place. Switch your storage containers from cardboard boxes to sealed plastic containers, and place these containers on shelving units along your walls. Choose adjustable shelves so you can keep the bottom storage shelf as high off of the floor as possible. Avoid storing items on the floor, and be sure to cover any stored furniture in plastic wrap. While mice can chew through plastic, you'll be able to notice any signs of mice activity by using plastic to store your items, so you can take action to eliminate the problem right away.

Taking these steps can help to prevent a mouse infestation in your home. If you suspect you already have mice, you can still take these steps to minimize the problem, but be sure to contact a pest control company to get the mice out of your house.