Four DIY Termite Prevention Techniques

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Termites can be one of the most expensive bug infestations, since they actually eat away at the structure of your home, reducing its value and sometimes even requiring rebuilding of damaged portions. This fact makes them a very frightening prospect for homeowners. And while you should make an effort to prevent a termite invasion, the possibility of termites is not something that should keep you up at night because you can do something about it. You can significantly reduce the chances of termites choosing your home by using these simple steps to keep it inaccessible and make it look unappetizing to them.

1. Keep wood away from the ground to limit access

Any wood that's in contact with soil is a great place for termites to enter your home. Try to keep several inches or a foot between the ground and any wood, especially untreated wood, that's part of your home or even nearby. If you have a wood deck, for example, try to space the supporting beams away from the ground by using concrete supports, and use treated beams to further discourage infestation.

2. Create an inhospitable environment

If you engineer your yard and landscaping to make sure they're unattractive to termite colonies, you can stave off the danger of having a colony set up shop in your yard and then decide to migrate or expand to your house. (Termites, like ants, send out swarms every year to colonize nearby areas, so having termites near your house is a definite danger.) To deter termites, make sure you don't have any brush piles, stacks of firewood, scrap lumber, or other termite goodies in your yard. If you must have, say, a stack of firewood, be sure to keep it at least a hundred yards from the house.

3. Use termite soil treatments

You can obtain preventative termite treatments for the soil around your house. You dig a shallow trench to apply the chemical, after which it stays in the soil for a long period of time to fend off any termites that may feel like taking up residence in your home. When termites try to tunnel through it, the chemical kills them and they never make it to the house to set up their infestation. This is a great way to prevent any termite colonies that might be in the area looking for a new home. If you want additional peace of mind or live in a high-risk area, you may want to consider this treatment.

4. Seal all possible entrances

Any cracks in the foundation, exposed soil in your crawl space, chinks in the siding, attic vents, or other open spaces can allow termites to enter and scout out great feeding grounds for the entire colony. Seal all these areas, using plastic sheeting in the crawl space and screens with tiny holes to protect your attic vents.

If you find out that you have any termite problems, call a professional company like Freedom Pest Solutions.