Four Tips To Keep Skunks Away

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No homeowner wants to deal with skunks in the yard – in addition to potentially unleashing an unpleasant odor, skunks will also tear up your lawn in a quest for food, leaving you with a major repair project on your hands. While you have the option of calling your local pest control service to trap and relocate skunks, there are a number of other ideas you can explore in the meantime. Here are four.

Install Motion-Sensing Lights

The nocturnal nature of skunks means that they favor areas that are dark and shadowy. You can make sure that your yard doesn't fit this description by installing one or more motion-sensing lights in an areas that your dog might visit at night, such as the back and side yards. These lights remain turned off but will quickly illuminate if a skunk visits the property; this light can often be enough to send the pest on its way.

Keep Sweet Treats Away

Given that skunks are visiting your yard in search of food, it's important to provide them with no food sources. If you keep your garbage or recycling bins outside, consider relocating them to your garage where their odors won't be as enticing to pests. Additionally, if you have a fruit tree in your yard, pick up any fallen food promptly. Apples or plums strewn around your yard release a sweet scent that will be enticing for any skunks passing through the neighborhood.

Treat The Area With A Spray

Visit your local home improvement retailer and find the aisle that sells sprays and other chemicals used to deter pests. You shouldn't have trouble locating one designed to repel pests. Upon identifying the areas of your yards that skunks frequent – often it's your lawn or your garden – spray the repellent according to the instructions on the bottle. While you'll have to add more spray after a rainfall, the scent produced by this type of product will send skunks elsewhere in your neighborhood.

Leave The Sprinkler On

If you notice that skunks usually pass through your yard at similar times each night, consider setting your sprinklers to go off around this time to scare the critters away. Skunks are habitual, which means that after a few applications of this treatment, they'll find another yard to visit instead of yours.

If you can't seem to get the skunk to leave your property alone, contact a professional company like Rice's Inc Termite & Pest Control to come do the job for you.