Is Your Waterfront Warehouse Overrun With Pests? How Commercial Pest Control Services Can Help

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The day-to-day activities inside a waterfront warehouse should not have to include pest control. If you have enough to do already and find that your warehouse is overrun by pests, you probably could use some professional help. Here are all the ways that commercial pest control services can help you control the beasts that seem to be running your warehouse more than you are.

The Technician Will Look for Entry/Exit Points and Set Rodent Traps

Rats, mice and other large river rodents will chew their way through a warehouse wall if they are hungry enough, but usually they are lazy enough that they will look for the easiest way into your warehouse. Knowing that, your technician will look for holes in the walls and floor boards, look for how often the warehouse doors are left open and left unsupervised (an open door is an open invitation to pests!), and look for entry points overhead too, since not all pests will come in through the typical entry/exit points. Once all of these points of entry and exit are located, the technician will help you repair some of them and set traps at all of them. You can choose live traps or poison traps depending on your personal preference.

The Technician Will Spray for Bug Pests

Some of the bug pests your warehouse might encounter can come in Trojan-horse style with the deliveries. You may need to check your organic shipments and consumables a little more closely as they arrive, but the pest control technician can spray your entire warehouse, too. By spraying the warehouse inside and out, barriers are set that these pests do not want to cross. Other sprays will kill pests that have been in your warehouse for some time, including cockroaches. This two-pronged approach of barrier spray and insecticide will help contain and control the bug pests you have -- and continued treatments will hopefully annihilate them.

The Technician May Offer Natural Pet Control Options

If you would like to avoid as many pesticides, rat and mouse poisons, and other toxins in your waterfront warehouse as you can (and that makes sense, because the poisons could pollute the water below), then maybe you would like to engage natural pet control options. If you find a commercial pest control service that offers natural pest control options, usually these options include other live creatures entering your warehouse. This could include cats or birds of prey for the rodents, and bats for many of the flying and crawling insects. Non-venomous water snakes are also effective, but may be a little difficult for your warehouse crews to get used to.